Road Trip to Wyoming

WOW! What an amazing part of the world! From rolling green grass to fresh mountain lakes and rivers, to the most spectacular mountain scenery I have ever experienced.

My road trip this month was an unexpected one.. When I got invited to head up to Wyoming for the July 4th weekend, I said YES! ..Almost immediately.

The journey up was a long one, but after crossing 6 states; California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Idaho and finally into Jackson Hole in Wyoming, it was worth every coffee break, pit stop and every molecule of fresh air I could consume!

I had no idea how far, wide and beyond this country is. It is beautiful and the further I drove up north.. the greener the scenery got. It was like a screen shot from a Windows home page, but it wasn’t.

I pet horses, spotted deers, watched the parade, trekked up to Phelps Lake, rode the saddle seats at the infamous Cowboy Bar in town… and even wrote a new song.

Definitely one of my best road trip memories to remember for a lifetime.

Thank you to my good friends for having me over.

Dean 😉

WY RoadTripCollage

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